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What’s going on guys? In today’s video, I’m going to be showing you how to create the excellent Macro Eye Zoom transition shot. This is a great way to transition from one scene to the next for your video projects or a simple vlog. Kinemaster pro tutorial

This is a great thing to use. First things first, you need a simple shot of you getting very close to your lens. You can use your professional camera or your iPhone; it doesn’t matter. KineMaster supports a ton of different files, even if it’s 4K.

That’s precisely what I did. I tried my best to fill up the entire frame with a little section of my face. Again, you want to get as close your eye as possible without going out focus. Now let’s open up KineMaster, and start a new project. [ you now read show Kinemaster pro tutorial ]

Pick the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Let’s import our eye-opening shot, right here. Don’t forget you need a secondary image to transition into. In today’s video, I’m going to be using a drone shot. Let’s scroll to the best part of the clip.

It’s right about here. I’m going to trim it by moving the slider, right about there. You can do these multiple different ways. You can have the shots start with you opening your eye or closing your eye. Or you can have your look static and not moving.

Let’s do it with me opening my eye. Scroll to the best part here. Right about here. Then trim it. I’ll wait until I open my eye, right back there. And then I’ll add a freeze-frame of this shot. Select the clip and make sure the mark is the right point of the image. Go to Trim/Split and then Split and insert freeze frame.

I want the freeze-frame right here. I want to playback the footage, and when I open my eye, it’s a freeze-frame. During this freeze frame, we’re going to create that movement in towards the vision. The last bit of the clip here we can remove. Now import the next shot or the following clip by using the Layer tool.

Go ahead and select the Layer, Media, go to All, and select the second shot. We can resize it as big or as small as we want. But we’re going to do a Mask. That will allow us to select a piece of this clip and put it over the pupil of my eye. Go to Cropping, then choose Mask. Tap on Shape and select Circle.

Resize it however you want. Try to get it as circular as possible, so that way it will match your eye pretty well. Now add a feather which will smooth out the edges of the circle. This will make blend better with our vision.

Just like that, perfect. Great. I’m going to make some minor adjustments here. Perfect. Select the Check Mark, and select the clip again. I’m going to use my two fingers here and resize it and move it over to my eye. Very gently now, we want to be very precise. This is what we have so far.

Your goal is to block out the deep black part of your eye or the pupil with that drone shot or other shot you decide to use. Add a Fade In transition. Select the clip, go to In Animation, then Fade. Now, all we have to do is mess around with the timing. I’m going to position the clip where I think is appropriate. Let see… right here. Play it back to check your work. Trim the drone clip.

Export the clip as is. Hit export, 4K at 24 fps, High Quality, Export. Great. Now go to the home screen of KineMaster. Create a new project, select 16:9, and import what you just exported. Go to Media and import the clip that you just exported. Here it is. Perfect! Select the clip.

Right where the drone clip stars to fade into the centre of our eye, we are going to do a zoom. Directly there is when I want the zoom to start, so I’m going to the Trim/ Split tool. Split a Playhead.

Tap the Checkmark. Then select that clip. Now I’ll use the Pan and Zoom and zoom in through the pupil of my eye. We’re at the start position, which we’re will leave alone. The end position is where we are going to zoom in.

Use your two fingers and pinch in into this drone shot. It’s going to get very blurry because of the resolution, but don’t worry, we going to add in the high resolution or the full resolution of the drone clip on this next shot. Let’s see how it looks so far… I want to speed it up just a little bit. It’s too slow for me. I’m going to trim the clip some more. Let’s see how that looks.

Great, so I’m going to mess around with the Pan and Zoom and make sure that the end position is adjusted there. Perfect! I’m going to import my drone shot which is the high-resolution version. There it is, right about there.

That’s looking great already. Let’s play it back. Let’s add in a subtle crossfade transition between the eye zoom and the full resolution drone shot, so it doesn’t look choppy.

Go to the Plus button here and scroll over to Classic Transitions. Tap on Crossfade. Scroll over to the minimum timing setting, so that it’s a rapid cross dissolve. That way we won’t notice it. Hit the Check Mark button. Let’s play it back. Very Nice. There you go, guys! That’s how you create that Macro Eye Zoom transition. It’s pretty easy in KineMaster.

Takes a little bit of practice, but overall it should take you about 5 to 10 minutes to make this effect work. You can also add some cold colour grades to make the footage match your eye even better. If you’re interested in checking out KineMaster, click on in the link description box below. See you guys in another video.

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