Refugee Journey w/ Harry Chun. Made with KineMaster

First of all, it was way too many people in this scene, a small boat, so I couldn’t even reach my camera equipment, which was buried on there you know someone since food, so I started filming in a wit only with my smartphones. Living in Amsterdam is quite entertaining. A lot of Arts that happen here is quite vibrant so find a lot of inspirations at the same time every time I go to some troubled regions realizing it’s only four or five hours flights away can I get me uneasy. Made with KineMaster

Feeling my last trip tierod, I encountered internally displaced people. We’re just escaping from the ISIS control area. I mean, the reason that I wanted to go deeper than most unit journalists when I followed refugees. First of all, I wanted to see what they go through, not so soon from the surface. That’s why I decided to follow their entire journey. Like I mean, everything was uncertain, and that was scary. At least you know I knew when I was going back home, you see for them a lot of them were doing it, you know for their next generation for their children.

 I was constrained with the agreement with my refugee’s story because when I got to the shore and when the smugglers are threatening, you know all the refugees, of course, I couldn’t reveal my identity by getting my camera equipment. So I was just secretly starting to fill me in a little bit only with my smartphone.

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The position was completely off because when I listen are very rocky moving boats, I thought for the first time, you should consider working with different tools at an additional time.

Even when I decided to do video work, I was never really confident to edit my job, so in that sense, uh when I first know heard and saw like how at work. Was pressing in my bag you know that it is particular for someone like me that I could no choose benefit from it. First of all, you can do this you know on the move you can do that work now on your mobile phone, which is always available, and you have this you know the instant you know the feedbacks you see while you’re in the field.

 You know what you’re missing me what you can add to make the story better and that then I’m seeing a huge potential for a lot of work in general with industry.  actually, uh any of my own, I do know that it affects my life, and every single step I go out it’s a learning curve any experience for me, but at the same time, I do wish that my photos can convey the same you know feeling you know for others…

image: KineMaster

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