Stop-motion Chills and Thrills. Made with KineMaster

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…………………………. . . . . . . . . . . Stop-motion Chills and Thrills #MadewithKineMaster …………………………. . . . . . . . . . .

Today I’m very pleased to be here on KineMaster’s channel to share with you three easy steps to create a stylish mini vlog for your social media using beautiful effects from KineMaster.

First, I will show you how to adjust the video speed to create a nice slow-motion effect. Then you will learn how to apply some special effects to add action on it. I also will show you how to add music to make your content look even more impressive.

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 Let’s open the app and get started. Once you’re in KineMaster tap the Plus Icon here to create a new project. And here you have to choose the aspect ratio based on the primary social platform you are planning to use this content for.

 I’m going to choose the 16×9 ratio. Tap Media. This will bring you to your camera roll where you can choose the video you are planning to work with. I’m planning to work with a couple of videos and connect them with my favourite transitions from KineMaster.

Step one: Speed.

By saying Slow motion, I mean slowing down the regular video pace. This adds to your video’s cinematic effect and helps to smooth some camera distortion. By tapping on the video, we can see that the Tools window opens. Here I’m choosing Speed and scrolling the speed slider to the right to make the speed 0.5. Your video doesn’t have to be too slow, so try to find balance.

Step two: Effects.

The effects I will show you today I’m using to create a beautiful transition between some action parts. It is best to use them when you are changing the position of the camera or on the space between videos, right here.

All the effects can be downloaded from the Asset Store button, which is below the Media Wheel in your project to the left. I have already preinstalled mine. Today I will play around with my new four favourite effects.

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 To add an effect, tap on your video. Go to Clip Graphics, choose the group you are interested in, and tap on the particular effect. As soon as you will choose one, the app will show you how this effect looks in the video.

 You also can adjust the length of the effect by moving the yellow frame. The shorter you will make it, the faster the effect will be played and then disappear.

 Step three: Transitions.

You can only use one transition per video clip, so if you want to add more transitions, you’ll have to split your video into parts. To do so, tap your video and hold it while moving the timeline. As soon as you find the right spot, tap on the Trim/Split Tool and choose Split at Playhead.

Now your video has two parts. You can keep splitting your video to make more transitions. This will allow your project to look more interactive and entertaining since viewers like to see action.

One important thing to mention is that not all the effects work for every ratio, so please pay attention to that.

Step four: Music.

Music is essential for a vlog and helps to create the right mood. In the KineMaster Asset Store, you’ll find a large selection of music and sounds. As soon as you’ve downloaded the one you like, simply tap the audio button on the panel and choose the music. You will see that all the downloaded sounds will already be in there.

Tap the one you want and then tap the Plus (+) icon. You can choose which part of the song you’d like to use, as well as press, hold and drag to move around your music clip if you want it to appear somewhere else in your video.

KineMaster is incredibly flexible when you are working with sound and allows you to overlap sounds as well as mix them and regulate the volume.

Last Step: Export.

Our video is ready to go. To export the video tap the Export and Share icon on the upper right corner and choose the resolution of your choice.

Then the frame rate and then the bitrate quality using the sliders. Then tap export. I’m uploading my video to Instagram, so I chose 1080p at 30fps. Follow these 5 easy steps to have an amazing mini vlog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and that you’re ready to create your masterpiece. If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below. And if you don’t have KineMaster yet, you can get it on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play. Just use the link in the video description or search for KineMaster.

 Your support is very important so don’t forget to put a thumbs up to show you want more cool videos. Thanks, KineMaster for having me, and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesome KineMaster tutorials. Hope to see you soon again guys! Mua!!

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