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In the present article, Let’s see how the split body effect works. This is an illusion where it looks like the upper body is being split away from the lower body. This effect is going to require a few things: your camera or phone and a tripod. What’s more, obviously, we will be utilizing the KineMaster application. If you don’t have KineMaster, check out the link box

to download it and give it a try. Let’s get right into it.

Welcome to my living room. So to make this effect work, use something horizontal. For example, this railing right here, allows me to split up my body quickly. So we need something that can block a portion of your body.

We are going to use the Cropping effect to crop two different scenes together. I understand it sounds a bit confusing, yet I will show you exactly what I want to say in a second. We are going to reenact the scene twice.

One for the upper part of your body and one for the depress part of your body.  Timing is essential here, so during the scene, I’m going to be counting in my head how long I need to take each step for.

One step, one second. The second step, another second. I memorize the position of my feet; that way is going to match precisely to the upper body clip. Now I act as if I see my legs walking away from my upper body, and that’s what makes this scene work. Now that that’s done let’s focus on the lower portion of the body.

So again, I’m reenacting the same timing, and then I continue moving for the remainder of the horizon of the railing. Remember, if I go beyond the fence, you are going to see that crop and the effect are ruined. So we are going to stay behind the railing, and that’s what’s going to make this effect work.

Editing Trendy Videos with Kinemaster pro and Riley McCann.

Now that we’ve shot our footage let’s load it up into KineMaster and edit it. Open a new project—16×9 widescreen. Go to Media, All, and import the shot right here. Trim the clip right up until I come out of the wall. Right about here.

Tap the clip and trim it. Now that we made the trim let’s duplicate it as a layer make sure the video clip is selected, then go to the upper left corner and tap on the three dots. Then, Duplicate as Layer.

Now resize the video clip, so it fills the whole frame. Select the Checkmark and now let’s crop it. Remember, we are only going to be using this as the lower half clip. So I’m just going to crop out the upper portion of this video clip down to the bottom of the handrail. Right about there, then hit the Checkmark. Now, with that layer selected, I scrub through until I find the part of the clip where my legs wander off.

Start to Finish. Made with Kine Master. Hindi

Right about here, I would say. We want the timing to be perfect. Now bring it over to the beginning of the timeline. Now we have to match up the timing of both clips. Let’s play it back. We’re almost there; It seems as if the layered clip is going a little bit too fast. So let me expand it just a little bit and let’s see if that helps. Let’s play it back. Now, all you have to do is export the video. Use the highest quality possible. And that’s it! You’re all done! As you can see, KineMaster is a potent tool that allows you to create these seamless effects. If you haven’t, check out KineMaster now by clicking on the link in the description box below. And that’s it for now. Thanks for watching!

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