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KineMaster Prime Apk is another video editing software for Android devices. Its special features make your created videos look like it was created by a professional. And, by professional, I mean those people that create videos on a PC. But, not all of us have a PC. That’s why we can use this app to make videos on android.

With this app, you can forget the pain of you not being to make videos on PC and start making PC-like videos on mobile phone. And, you can do that just like a professional video creator. It just depends on your creativity and your passion. It depends on what you can imagine and what you can implement in that video.

But, before everything, let me tell you that this is not an official app. The official developers of KineMaster Corporation did not create this app. It is just a similar version of the official KineMaster app. Some developers modified this app so that people can use it much easier.


This is the reason of this app not being available in the Google Play Store. You are going to download and install it manually. But, don’t worry. We got out installation guide down below. You can just check it to download and install it properly.

The reason behind modding is that the free version does not support all of the features. Some extra features are locked and users need to pay to unlock them. But, not all of us have the money to buy it. That’s why, they mod it so that people with no money to spare can also use this app.

This is going to be a fully described article starting from its features to how to install it. So, if you want to know them, be sure to stick around.

But, before that, let’s download this app.

Kine Master Prime Apk Download

So, you want to download KineMaster Prime Apk?? Right now?? Why don’t you just read the features of this app?? Well, if you actually want to download it, then let’s do this.

Kine Master Prime Apk Features

KineMaster DIamond

Firstly, this app is supported in all kinds of android devices. So, you can edit videos on whatever device you want. After that, you get an instant preview of the video that you are editing while you are editing. This is a really big advantage.

This app also has chroma effect which helps you to remove different colors from the background and that way, you can easily add some cool animations of the background. After that, this app has a lot of color filters that makes your videos look really good. It brings life into your video.

This app has keyframe animation which can sometimes be very helpful in times to create awesome animations. It also has frame per frame slicing, cutting, splitting system available which is really helpful t when making some small changes to the video.

You can even reverse your video to create some awesome animations in your videos. With that, speed controlling settings are also available to create a montage and timelapse videos with a mobile phones. That’s another good thing.

You can even export your video at 4K 2160p videos at 30 fps which is really a lot. You can also use multiple layers to add some extra features in your videos like videos, audios, clips, transitions and many more. This can also help you to arrange your videos and create a clean project file.

The cool transitions that this app has makes switching between clips look even cooler. In the same way, this app has a feature named blending mode. With this one, you can create cool looking blend animations.

Then, there is another option named Volume envelop. It helps you to control the sound of different clips. You also can add videos over layers and do other things.

How to install KineMaster Prime Apk on Android??

So, you downloaded right?? And now, you are searching for a way to install it. Did you actually download it?? If you didn’t, download it now.

You will have a really cool experience with this app. But, as I said before, this app is not available in the Google play store. So, this is the only way to install this app. Download it now and follow the processes down below. It is a really simple work.

After you download it, there is still a little bit of work needed before you proceed to install it.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to security.
  3. Click on Unknown Sources and turn it on.

What this will do is it will turn on installation from your web browser any all other sources. Generally, your device blocks these access. So, it is always better to keep it on.


  1. Click on the apk file that you downloaded from our website.
  2. Click on install on the bottom-right corner.
  3. Wait for a few seconds. Let it install.
  4. Now click on done.

Now, open Kine Master Prime and enjoy it. Create different videos and unleash your creativity.

How you can install this app on PC??

Now, for those PC users, do you want to install KineMaster Prime Apk on PC?? Well, sad react because there is no official version of this app to use in PC. The official website didn’t create one. But, luckily, we still can use it on PC. You may ask how. Well, that’s what I am here to tell you.

To do this, we are going to need something called an emulator. You may ask, what is an emulator?? To be exact, an emulator is an android mobile on PC. Yeah I know, that sounds just weird. But, it works like a virtual android mobile with google play store on it. And, you can use it on PC. Though this app is not available on google play store, still, we can install third-party software on an emulator.

Now, let’s show you how. Firstly, you will have to download an emulator. There are a lot of them out there. But, Nox Player, Dolphin Emulator, BlueStacks, Bignox are some top best emulators out there. So, download any one of them and install them in your PC.

After you are done, you will have to download Kine Master Prime for PC. Download it form below now.

So, after you downloaded, now it is time to install it. For that,

  1. Download and install an emulator.
  2. Then, download the PC version of Kine Master Prime.
  3. After that, double click on the Apk that you downloaded from our website. Then, it may tell you to choose the emulator that you have. Choose it. If it doesn’t ask to choose anything, don’t bother. It will automatically open in the emulator.
  4. Wait for a few seconds and let it get installed.
  5. After that, open it and enjoy Kine Master Prime on PC.

That’s it

That’s how you can enjoy it on PC as well as on your android device.

This was a full guide on how you can use Green KineMaster Pro apk on your android phone and your PC and what it features were. I genuinely think that this one is the best one available. Out of all other apps, this one is the best. This app is completely safe to use and won’t harm your device.

So, if you have anything to say, be sure to contact me and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Till then, thanks for staying with us. I hope I was able to teach you at least something about KineMaster.

Official Website: KineMaster.Com

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