Editing Trendy Videos with Kinemaster pro and Riley McCann. Made With Kine Master

Editing Trendy Videos with Kinemaster pro and Riley McCann

Making videos with your family and friends can be so much fun. This week I’ve created some new videos with my brother Liam who’s quite the magician. Let’s check it out. I know! It looks like the printer forgot to print anything on this card. Helps with Kinemaster pro

It’s a real shame as well due to the fact that the back is pretty lovely. Oh well.  I guess cards are off the table today. Wait! What just happened?! As you will soon see, the main trick in this video is how it easy was edit in KineMaster. First, create a Background in KineMaster. There heaps of backgrounds to choose from.

Pick one you like or choose a costume colour. Next, I filmed my brother on a blue screen and added it as a Layer over my Background. You can key out heaven colour with the click of a button. Exactly how very easy is that! Next, we can accentuate the moment the card changes by adding one of the in-built SFX on the Assets Store.

This whooshing sound is included free, and they’re a hundred more effects included with the paid subscription. Because I have the Premium subscription, I used this cool Overlay with the blue, green and the red colour layer on top. Select the colour layer, select Blending and choose Overlay.

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Looks great! You can add a voice-over by clicking the microphone symbol and top it all off with a soundtrack in the KineMaster Asset Store. Life can be challenging when you’re hungry, and you don’t have any money. But what if my brother could magically make menu items appear? That’s what I’m talking about! Hey, leave some for me! This video involved a little trickery behind the scenes.

First, snap the menu at an empty table, then hold the position while your mom sets up the churros. Snap your menu again and in KineMaster make a cut in between the menu snap and your audience will never know…unless they’re watching this video.

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Strike the like button if you’re watching right now!  Planting a veggie patch at home is all very well, but it takes so long for anything to grow! Look at the time, seeds! I haven’t got all day!  Thank you. Once more, you will require a good friend to develop this video clip. Set your camera on the tripod and start planting and watering your seeds. Without moving, have someone strong bring in a new pot filled with lovely home greens.

Thanks, Dad! In KineMaster, cut out the bit where the sneaky switch takes place. Go to town with some Overlays from the Asset Store. This rains SFX adds some pop to my video. All these SFX are included with the Premium subscription. Okay, guys! It’s time for me to go, and it’s time for you to get creative with KineMaster.

I’m Riley. If you like my video clips, struck the thumbs up, as well as I’ll make some extra. If you have a question, drop a comment below, and we will do our best to answer. Creating videos is comfortable with KineMaster. See you next time!

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