Download kinemaster for pc And Beyond the Lens Editing Tips

Download kinemaster for pc

If you Download Kinemaster For Pc Fast you download Mobile Emulator and install then Download kinemaster mobile version then install on Mobile Emulator on your pc. And use easily.

Beyond the Lens Editing Tips

Hey Guys! Diego here from LVN Studio. In this video, we’re going to talk about 5 things you shouldn’t forget for a behind the scenes video.

Live studio

I’m a portrait photographer based out of Chicago, and I’ve been using KineMaster for more than one year now. It has truly taken my content to the next level.

With the photos that I post on my social media account, I also provide a short video clip to explain how to produce them. And the 5 features I use the most from KineMaster are Transitions, Effects, Video Effects, Pan and Zoom and Music.

 I’m going to be using the following BTS video to explain these 5 features.

 Now, in the KineMaster app let’s create a new project in 9×16 ratio, which is the perfect size for Instagram Reels or Tik Tok. Now, select Media to add the clips and photos, which I have already collected in an album for easy access and upload.

 I already know the order I want them as well, so I’m going to prepare them quickly. Now that everything is set, let’s talk about the first topic, which is the Music.


 KineMaster has a music library that offers a great variety of options that you can use for any type of video. Once you pick the one you like, you can simply tap Download and they will be in this location: Audio > Music.

So for this Behind the Scenes video I picked the song called Call Me DJ because as you heard, I like the way it picks up at the beginning to reveal the first photo. Then it picks up again to reveal the promotion of my tutorial, all within 30 seconds.

 To add the song, simply tap it and select the Plus sign. Now, you have it in your project timeline. A great thing about this feature is that all music is copyright free. And one important thing to remember is when we work on the Transitions, we need to make sure they match the beat of the music.


 So, what are the Transitions? A transition is a post-production technique that is used to connect one clip to another. The purpose of a Transition is to make your video flow a little better with your style.

KineMaster also offers a variety of Transitions that you can download as well. Let’s take a look at the first clip and the photo we will be connecting. Don’t pay attention to my awkward self in the beginning, but as you can see, as we play the clip the camera is slowly pointing at the model and moving away from her.

 So to connect this with the photo, a zoom-out transition will look smooth. To add it, simply tap on the Plus button. In this case, we will go to the Acceleration transition that I’ve already downloaded and selected the Zoom Out transition. We will then select how long we want them to last. In this case, a bit less than one second should be good.

Pan and Zoom

Now we want to make sure the photo fills the entire screen and we’re going to do it with the Pan and Zoom feature from KineMaster. To do it, select the photo and tap on Pan and Zoom. As you can see, you can select the start position and the end position.

 But first, we’re going to select both of them by tapping the Equals button on the right side. With your fingers, pinch out so you can zoom in until it covers the entire screen. Then, since we’re creating a video and this is a photo, I recommend you have movement throughout the entire video. To do that, simply adjust one of these positions in the picture.

In this case, since the Transition is zooming out, we want to make sure that the photo zooms out as well. To do this, simply select the Start Position. With your fingers, pinch out again to zoom in a bit more.

Now, let’s take a look at the results. Cool! But one more thing. To make the video even more interesting, we need to make sure the Transition matches the beat of the music. So let’s trim the first clip to accomplish that.

 I can tell that the beat is in this section of the song. We want to make sure the intersection is placed right above it. To trim the clip, select it and let’s drag the left side inwards to make it shorter. There you go! We will make sure that each photo is at least two or four beats long.

For my editing process, I generally work on the Transitions first and then I focus on the Pan and Zoom, and finally, I trim the videos and photos so they match the beat of the music. Now that you know the basics of these three main features let’s quickly review the rest of the project.

For this next intersection, I used the Light Blur transition that happens to match the colours of the theme.

Next, since the clip is going towards the camera, I thought another Zoom in transition will look cool. Then, to reveal the next set of photos, I used one of my favourites Transitions, Electric burn, which has many cool effects all at once. In the next photos, I used the Spin Blur and the Light Bath transitions. Also, everything has been trimmed so it goes with the music beats.


KineMaster also offers a great variety of pre-made creative Videos that you can use in your project. I’ll be using one of those for the last promotional clip at the end of the video. You can find the new Videos section by clicking Media and then the Asset Store icon at the top right.

In this case, I will use one called Lightings, which I’ve already installed.

So let’s add it to the project by clicking Media > Videos and select. Make sure to stretch it out using the Pan and Zoom feature so it covers the entire screen. Let’s shorten it a bit. Then I will add a Transition before this clip from the group Channel Cut. That will look cool to reveal the promotion.

For the text, I already have a PNG image created that I will upload as a layer so it goes on top of the video. I’ll make sure that they both start at the same time. If you select the layer you can add an In Animation effect to make it look better. In this case, I will select Scale Down. So let’s see how it looks.


KineMaster offers a variety of Effects that you can place as a layer. Which will affect all the layers within that timeframe you choose. In this case, we will be adding effects to make the final clip even more interesting. You can find this feature by clicking Layer > Effect. As you can see, I’ve already downloaded my favourite Effects.

And in this case, I’m going to use the VHS Tracking effect. Once you add the Effect, you need to make sure it covers the entire screen so it affects all areas. Then I will shorten it, and place it in the specific area so it matches the beat.

 Let’s see how it looks. You could even add it to other places of your video. On top of images, clips, and you can play around and create your video style.

Thanks so much for watching, make sure to check the links in the description below to download KineMaster and start creating!

Beyond the Lens Editing Tips

image: youtube.

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