KineMaster Pro Apk Download v4.15.5.17370.GP and v4.13.7 Apk + Mod Apk

Video making is one of the great passions that people have these days. New video creating platforms are being created every day. That’s why people spend more time in creating videos depending on their creativity than doing other stuff. And, these videos have to be created or edited by some apps or software. Kinemaster pro apk is such an app that can help those people with an android mobile to unleash their creativity with video making.

Why don’t we start from the beginning??

KineMaster Pro Apk

The Pro Apk of Kinemaster is the fully unlocked video editing software with unlimited features. It is really easy to use. It has lots of powerful tools to create the video that you want.

Video making is one of the most popular ways to unleash the creativity of a creator. These creators want to make their videos for popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Likee, and more. Not only creators but also journalists, teachers, filmmakers, and everyone like this need to make videos for their work.

You may be wondering that I am just saying extra about this app but no. What I am saying is not my words. These are their words that have been using this app for ages. This is the best and one of the most downloaded and loved video editing apps for android devices. But, it is not free. But, we are here for that. The premium version is called Kine master Pro Apk and as we are providing it for free, you can call it as Kine master Mod Apk.

Want to download it??

Now, I will be showing you how you can download it and how you can use it on devices that it supports. With that, I will also inform you about some really useful features of this app.

N.B. Don’t get sad because of the watermark in the Kinemaster Free version. In that case, you can always download the Pro Apk.

Now, let’s know how you can download and install it and why you should do that.

Kine Master Download

N.B. Be sure to note that this is the real pro version of v4.15.5.17370. Many websites are providing old versions in the name of v4.15.5. But, we are not. This is the real version. So, download and enjoy this app.

Kine Master Crashes sometimes after opening it.

Now, this version of Kine Master might crash after some times. If that happens, follow the steps below to fix it.

Now, to fix this issue,

1. Go to Developer Options. If you do not have developer options,

  • Open the settings app of your mobile.
  • Go to the about section.
  • Find Build Number.
  • Click on it 10-15 times. After that, your developer options will be turned on.
  • Now, come back from the about section and find it in the settings app.

2. Find two options named “Force Allow Apps to write on External Storage” and “Force Activities to be resizable”. These options are usually at the bottom sides.

3. Make sure they are turned on.

There you go. Now, your problem of KineMaster crashing will be fixed.

Kine Master Interface

If you have been using this app, you should know that it does not have a media selection that keeps the project clips. Instead, it relies on your device and you. That means you will have to import the clips that you want to use manually to use them. This is a bad side as you can’t preview the clip that you want to use. You will have to do that after you insert it into your project.

But, the working interface is designed very carefully and cleverly. On the left side, you will see the action bar. It changes its tools according to the items that you select on the layers panel like audio, video, overlays etc.

The media panel is on the left side which you can use to import videos, record audio, files and other stuff.

This was the small introduction to the whole interface of the Kine Master app.

KineMaster Pro Apk (Updated 2020)

Kinemaster Pro Apk Features

There are a lot of beautiful features in this Pro Apk. These are the reason that you should download it.

  1. It Supports multiple layers to add different audio, video, overlays and more.
  2. The Pro Apk that we are providing you can export videos without any watermark.
  3. You can have instant previews anytime.
  4. It has different transition effects like Wipes, 3D, Slide, Fades, Scales, Pop, Drop, Letter and more.
  5. This editor supports frame to frame cutting, splitting, trimming and slicing.
  6. It has motion controls as fast and slow.
  7. Supports the Chroma key to remove any background colour.
  8. Has clip graphics, colour filter and colour adjustments.
  9. It has a volume system that envelops the audio filters.
  10. Has the support of rotation and mirroring.
  11. Has a lot of assets.
  12. It supports all of the versions that a video can be exported into.
  13. You can share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Google + and many more without even exporting.

So, what do you think?? Want to download it?? Why don’t give it a try?? Download it now and enjoy!

The Features Explained

This part is totally for those beginners. Those people that did not understand what those features were can understand them better from here. So, let’s get started describing it.

Chroma Key

Chrome key is one of the most useful features of this app. With this, you can change the background or remove the background that has a green background. This feature is one of the most useful features for video makers and filmmakers. It is used in all of the action, Sci-Fi, adventure, graphical etc movies. It can make those impossible stunts possible in the world of movies.

The creators making videos use it to add an impressive look in their videos. If you are looking for a feature like this, why aren’t you downloading the Pro Apk?? It is the best one for features like this. Before you start using this feature in this valuable app, you have to remember that you have to have a video with a green screen. That way, you can replace the green colour with any feature that you want.

Transition effects

This effect is used when the video switches from one clip to another. This kind of effect makes the video look more clean and sharp with adding an attractive look. This feature is also used in the most famous Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood films. And, Kine Master Pro allows you to use this feature. So, why don’t you hurry and download this app now??

Multiple Layers

Kine master supports adding a lot of layers to make the arrangements of text, video, overlay and other clips easier so that you get a cleaner environment to work with.

Video Editing Workflow

When you start editing videos, you need to keep your videos or audios organized in a folder or file. That’s because it does not let you see all of the videos and audios that you have in your device. You will have to manually upload them. So, it is better to keep count of those things so that you don’t get lost.

But, adding those files into the app is easy. When you are adding photos, videos or audios, it will ask you weather you want to add them as clip or layers. Choosing layers will automatically add them to a new layer. Choosing clip adds them to the top layer.

Clipping, cutting, reversing, relocating, changing speed of a clip is very easy. And, clipping options are really advanced. When you trim a layer, it automatically sticks to the next layer removing all of the space between them.

Adding different awesome effects are totally simple. Just click on a clip and choose it from the editing row. If you don’t find something interesting, visit the marketplace to find more.

If you want to add a transition, just click on the plus button at the end of a clip and you will find plenty of transitions. Just like the effects, visit the marketplace for more.

When you add a clip below the main layer, it takes over the scene. So, be sure to add an opacity filter or other filter. You can also try out other effects to see how that turns out to be.

You think you are almost done?? Want to check how much you could have accomplished?? Simply press the play button and watch the preview of the video.

That’s it. Now export the video to the file that you want or directly share it to social media.

Voice Recording

Do you like to sing?? And, do you like to record them too?? Well, if you do the same thing with Kinemaster, you will get an even better result. Besides only songs, you can record any kind of audio like commenting, lectures, etc. So, download this app and start recording now.

Something More

As the experienced editor revolted, Kine Master got updated according to their needs. That’s why it is still the best app to edit videos on mobile. One of the main reason is that it gives you the most powerful tools that you would need to edit videos on mobile. That means features from every other video editing apps are executed in this app in such a way that it can be used quickly.

Just like most other video editing tools, it gives you the ability to overlap multiple layers to make the video just perfect. The original video will automatically be added to those effects that the editor or creator wants them to be.

If you have videos that has beautiful scenes but the colors in them are not properly matching, you can easily change the color with color filters. This is the same process that you do on photos. Just add the right color and it will automatically. This totally depends on your imagination as different color makes the video in different mood. So, just add the right color to your choice and it will look beautiful.

Apart from app these, Kinemaster supports a lot of features that you can get to know by practicing video editing on this app. Really, practice makes a man perfect.

Why KineMaster Pro?

Those people that think making or editing videos on android mobile is really hard, I would like to tell them that you did not try this app yet. With this app, even beginners can create stunning videos from scratch.

Not only that, but this app is also one of the most downloaded video editing apps from the Google Play store. And, this amount is increasing every day. Kine Master also won the Editors’ Favorite Video Editing App of the Year and received a prize from the Google Play Store.

But, the premium version of the is really expensive. That means, it is like $20-25 and it is not affordable to those that are currently learning video editing. That’s why I will be giving the Pro Apk totally for free and it is fully unlocked without the water problem. That means, no watermark in your videos from today.

Not only that, but I will also be giving you guys all of the versions like Kinemaster Mod APK, Kinemaster Diamond, Green Kinemaster, Kinemaster Prime, Kinemaster Premium App, and Kinemaster Apk. So, if you need any of these ones, just visit the page and the app will be yours.

APK NameKineMaster Pro APK
Version4.15.5 [Latest Version]
Android Required4.1+
DeveloperNexStreaming Corporation / KineMaster Corporation
Last Updated16 March 2020
APK TypeKineMaster Pro – Premium Unlocked Mod APK

This Version Supports all Android Devices [100% Working]

Newly Released Changes


  • Improved text outline clearness when shadow option is enabled
  • Fixed a bug where Transition Effects and Clip Graphics subitems are not applied accordingly when selected
  • They Fixed a bug where some color filters on Basic were not applied correctly
  • Fixed a bug where some formats of WAV audio files were not imported into a project
  • [New] BeatSync project import support (Please install the BeatSync app!)
  • Other bug fixes.

Install Kine Master Pro Apk on Android

Now, are you satisfied with what you came to know till now?? Did you download it?? Well, now let’s tell you how you can install it. You can download Kine Master in two ways. The first one is to go on the google play and download it. Or, you can download the Pro version of this app from our website. Now, are you done?? Did you download it?? I hope you did.

Now, before you install it, you need to do something first.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to security.
  3. Make sure that Unknown Sources is turned on.

Did you do it? Now, let’s install it.

  1. Click on the Kine Master Pro apk that you downloaded from us.
  2. Click on install.
  3. Wait sometimes.
  4. Then you will see that the installation ended.
  5. After that, Click on done to end it.
  6. Or click on open and enjoy Kine Master

Now, some people say that this app is harmful to your device which is completely false. Don’t listen to them at all. Download this app and enjoy the pro version of it completely free.

Install KineMaster Pro on PC

Do you have a better PC rather than your phone?? Do you want to use a kine master on your PC?? Well, there is a lot of reason that you might want to do that. On PC, it gives you a better viewing angle. So, you can enjoy editing much rather than editing on the small screen of your phone.

After that, you can do many delicate edits on your videos that are not possible to do from mobile. With that, it gives you a better experience on using this app.

To install this app on PC, all you have to do is install an android emulator. Now, you might ask, what is an android emulator?? Well, an android emulator allows you to use android apps in PC. It acts as an android phone. So, it is like using an android device in a PC.

Now, there are a lot of android emulators out on the internet. But, the best ones are BlueStacks, Memu Emulator, Nox Player, Dolphin ETC.

So, download and install your preferred emulator. Then, download the PC version of Kine Master Pro.

After it is downloaded, double click on it and it should automatically open in the emulator. If it doesn’t, then it will tell you to choose the application that you want to open it in. Choose the emulator and it will start in there.

That’s it. Now, enjoy your Kinemaster Pro Apk. Unleash your creativity with this app.

Some Important FAQs

How can you download KineMaster Pro??

Well, to do that, go to the top side of this page. A download button will appear. Click on that button and it will take you to the download page. A download button will appear after 15 seconds. Wait for some time and then you will be able to download it.

What is the advantage of this Pro App??

Well, those people who used the free version would get a clear answer. The free version of this KineMaster apk is not that much full of different features and tools. Almost, all of the tools and features are locked in the free apk. That’s where you can use the free app to unleash your creativity on a larger scale.

Can I edit my videos in higher resolution like 4K??

Well, this app supports video editing in 4K resolution. But, it does not go any higher. Also, your device has to support 4K in order to edit videos in 4K. If your device doesn’t support 4K, then you won’t be able to edit videos in 4K.

What is the difference between Pro and Mod apk??

Well, there is no formal difference between the pro and mod apk. But, in some different versions of mod apk like KineMaster Green or KineMaster diamond, you will find some extra features that are not available in the real pro apk. So, that’s an advantage.

How to use this app on a PC??

Well, to do that, you are going to need external software known as an emulator. It is a virtual mobile phone in android. You can just install an android emulator in PC and install your KineMaster version on that app. It is a super easy process.

That’s it

That’s how you can enjoy it on PC as well as on your android device.

This was a full guide on how you can use Green KineMaster Pro apk on your android phone and your PC and what it features were. I genuinely think that this one is the best one available. Out of all other apps, this one is the best. This app is completely safe to use and won’t harm your device.

So, if you have anything to say, be sure to contact me and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Till then, thanks for staying with us. I hope I was able to teach you at least something about KineMaster.

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