Vertigo (Dolly Zoom) Effect by Josh Morgan

Vertigo (Dolly Zoom) Effect by Josh Morgan #MadeWithKineMaster

In today’s video, we’re talking about the Vertigo or the Dolly Zoom effect.
This effect is used in a ton of movies and music videos, and it gives you the illusion that the foreground is being stretched away from the background. I use this effect in a lot of my videos.

And in today’s videos, I’m going to be showing you how to get this effect using KineMaster and Filmic Pro. Filmic Pro is an excellent tool, and it’s an application that you can download for your phone.

And, what it does is it transforms your phone into a fully manual video camera. What stands out about Filmic Pro is that it’s so easy to use! When it comes down to racking and controlling focus, adjusting exposure,
and even changing your frame rate and resolution, this app does all that. In today’s video, we are going to be filming in the highest resolution your camera can.

That is because you are going to be involving digital zooms. In the movies, they typically use a zoom lens on a moving camera. And what happens is that they zoom in and out in opposition to the camera movement.

For example, if the camera moves forward, the camera operator will be zooming out, and vice versa. So when you are filming this effect, make sure that you either walking forward or backward. That’s all you have to do.

And I strongly recommend that you use a gimbal to get the smoothest shots possible. Also, feel free to shoot this at a high frame rate. In this shot here, you can see that I’m just walking straight on an empty street. This is a superb case of a decent spot to shoot the Vertigo or Dolly Zoom impact.

Usually, long stretches of empty land produce a subtle dolly zoom effect because we have a lot of space to play with here. So once you’ve captured your shot, go ahead and import that shot into KineMaster.
Just tap on Create a new Project and then tap on the 16×9 aspect ratio if you want to shoot this widescreen. Then we’re going to touch on Media, and we’re going to find that clip.

And that clip is right over here, All right! Let’s put the checkmark. And I am just going to find the right place to cut and trim this. I like that the street has those dotted lines in the middle.

Because this allows me to center up and frame the shot correctly, remember, if you ever have a guide or something that can help you capture symmetrical shots, That’s an excellent way to pull off this effect.
So, I shot this at slow-mo I believe it was 240 fps it’s honestly going to playback extremely slowly,

So I’m just going to scroll here, tap on the clip here, I’m just going to trim it. And I’m going to hit on the split at played and tap the other side and delete it.
Now, if I play it back, it’s going to be in super slow-mo, so I’m going to pause it, go to Speed, and see what it looks like 50% speed.
All right!

Let’s see if this is so enough or fast enough; I’m just going to scroll over here, tap on it, and trim the clip again.

What’s more, presently, what I will do is tap on the clasp once more, I’m going to go over the dish and zoom catch, and now, I wanna ensure that the beginning position is chosen, and what we will do is we are going to ensure that we are carefully zooming in contrary to the camera’s development. So if you notice as I playback this clip, we’re moving forward with the camera.
So what I want to do, I want to start in with the zoom in, and as the shot progresses, I want to zoom out. We are doing this all in opposition, that’s something very, very important.
All right. All we have to do is pinch in here, with your two fingers pinch into the shot. Not too much, because remember, we will be losing resolution.
All right! Then select the End Position, and actually, it’s going to go back to normal.
Now, let’s play it back.
As you can see here, the back trees look like they are being stretched away from the road. It’s really bizarre looking.
Now, let’s say you want to add more flair to your shot or more movement. What we’re going to do, we’re going to mess around with the roll axis. We’re going to actually turn the phone on its roll axis while we are moving in.
So what I’m going to do, I’m just going to go ahead and import the other clip here. There it is. And basically, that’s the shot, we’re again we’re moving forward, and this time we are just moving the camera on the roll axis.
Now, we will add the Pan and Zoom Effect to create the Vertigo or Dolly Zoom. Again, the same concept as before. Zoom in. I want to make sure I’m in the center of the frame,
and the end position we are just going to leave it the same because we want it to Zoom out. Awesome! And to finish up the shot, we’re going to add a little color grade to make it more cinematic.
We’re going to highlight the clip, and then I’m going to go to Vignette, because I love using Vignette, especially in KineMaster. It just gives that focus towards the center of the shot.
Now I’m going to go into Adjustments, and I’m going to increase the Vibrance just a little bit to give that footage the pop that it needs. I’m going to give it a little bit of a Lift to give it that faded look.

I really love that faded look. And then that’s about it! Play it back. Very nice and smooth. Do you see it? It’s as easy as that! All you really need is the KineMaster app and your phone, And there you go! You got yourself a beautiful looking Vertigo shot.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you’re interested in trying out KineMaster, check out the link down below! And I’ll see you in another video!

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